April 7, 2011

The year is flying by at an incredible pace. I can hardly believe that this is April already and so much has happened. But there are only so many hours in the day, and my typical day is pretty busy, kinda like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, now THAT is busy. LOL.

I’m proud to report that a good time was had by all on the first annual Telarus President’s Club cruise in February of this year, where all the president’s club members and their spouses went on a five day Caribbean cruise which was outstanding. A good time was had by all. If you haven’t seen the video of the cruise, take a few moments to check it out at:


Then only a few weeks after that was the annual Channel Partners conference of the National Telecom Association, where I am very proud to report that Telarus won again, for the third consecutive year, the “Agency Of The Year” award from the National Telecom Association. Hopefully you are as proud as I am to be associated with such a winning top-quality and highly professional agency like Telarus that truly puts agents first, as well as providing more help, support and assistance for agents than the others combined.

Marketing & Backlinks

Google had a major update recently and the new focus puts much more emphasis on backlinks from relevant sites and/or authority sites. Backlinks from non-relevant sites are still better than nothing, but a relevant site or an authority site backlink now counts for more than it used to. An authority site would be a site like Ezinearticles or Tumblr or one of the high-PR popular web 2.0 properties. Remember, a backlink to your site is a “vote” for your site in the Google “election” of where do you appear in the search rankings when somebody searches on your targeted keyword term or phrase.

But that last part should be noted, because a simple link to your site, like http://www.cool-t1.com is not nearly as useful or relevant to either you or Google if only the URL is used. That is where anchor text plays a very important part. For example, can you determine which of the following two examples would carry more “link juice weight” with Google when it is trying to rank them:

For the best T1 prices, go to http://www.cool-t1.com.

For the best T1 prices, go to http://www.cool-t1.com.

In these examples, I have highlighted and bolded the link that is used. In the first example, the link and anchor are both just the URL, so what does Google have to go on to rank this site? Very little outside of keywords that appear within the domain name. But in the second example, the anchor text used for the link is “T1 prices” where Google now gives you points for that particular keyword term/phrase. Do you see the vast Grand Canyon-sized difference between these two examples?

To give you a classic “faux pas” example of this, consider the Google search term “click here”. I mean, nobody in their right mind would search for that phrase, right? Yet the good folks from Adobe have ranked #1 for that term for a good number of years, simply because of all the web sites out there that use “click here” at their site to encourage people down download the free Adobe reader to allow them to read PDF files. But did they really want a #1 ranking for the term “click here”? Methinks not as there is little to no value in ranking for that term.

In my last newsletter I gave you several methods, both free and paid (and CHEAPLY paid) where you can get backlinks and well as choosing the proper anchor text. But to avoid Google thinking that perhaps you are trying to pull the digital wool over their eyes, make sure that the anchor text you choose is really referenced and addressed at your site via having that anchor text in your TITLE TAG, via H1 links in your page content, and for good measure, as BOLDED text within content that discusses that particular keyword in your content. This is not “HTML rocket science”, so please don’t be put off by this, as it is the simplest of the simple in terms of very elementary HTML, and can be done with Notepad if you wish, not requiring DreamWeaver or any specific HTML editor.

As an example, check our one of my premium sites below, http://business-ethernet.com, where the screen shots below show the Google results (as of this morning) for the term “business ethernet” and the second one for the search term “fast ethernet”:

screen capture business ethernet

My site is #1 in Google for this search term from, as you can see, 54 million competing pages. Not bad, eh? Ditto these results in Yahoo search and Bing, which is also good news. Note that in the example above, the entries BEFORE my site in the pink area PAID to be in those positions, referred to as “sponsored listings”, which means they added to Google’s overflowing coffers to be shown there. I didn’t pay a cent to Google to be listed where I am with this site.

screen capture fast ethernet results

The screen shot above is using the search term “fast ethernet”, and as you can see, my site (the SAME site, meaning a site can rank for MULTIPLE keywords) is #5 in Google from more than 19 million competing pages. I’m still working on this as well as other related search terms, but I wanted to show you via demonstration that this IS possible, and I haven’t done anything other than follow my own advice as outlined in the newsletters I send you!

Changing Text & Images With Every Page Load

Did you ever wish that you could setup something in your web pages where the images and/or the text content would change and be different with each page load or refresh, yet still be relevant? There are a lot of benefits to doing that, including making visitors and possibly also Google think that your content is new. (There are arguments as to whether this can really fake Google out, nobody knows for sure, but the key point being that it does not HURT).

There are various ways to do this that cost money for software, tools and development, but I want to show you how you can do it for FREE with just a bit of sweat equity invested in it.

First of all, your web page needs to have a file extension of “.PHP”, not “.HTM” as it probably does today. That is fine, it should have no bearing on anything else on your page. Also, your web host needs to support PHP, although I think almost all of them do these days without additional cost.

So let’s say you have a graphic on your page, and you have 6 other graphics of roughly the same thing but you want the graphic to change with each page load (ie, different visitor). And/or say you have a paragraph talking about some feature of the circuit, and you have 6 different versions of that paragraph which you want to change with each page load (ie, different visitor, even if that visitor is the Googlebot spider).

Easy stuff. Using the example of the different paragraphs, you will put each paragraph into its own “.TXT” file and upload them into the root file of your domain’s hosting account. These will be named something like PARA1.TXT, PARA2.TXT, PARA3.TXT, etc up through PARA6.TXT. With me so far?

Now within the HTML (PHP) code for this page, at the location where you want this paragraph shown on your web page, insert the following code:


Really, it’s not as bad as it looks, let’s go through it. The first line indicates that the following code is PHP code, not a big deal. The second like creates a PHP variable called “$x” which is assigned a random number between 1 and 6. Again, no biggie. The third line creates another PHP variable called “$fil” which is the string “PARA” plus the random number between 1 and 6 that was generated on line 2, and then sticks “.TXT” on the back of it. So what you have here is the PHP variable “$fil” containing the string “PARA1.TXT” or “PARA2.TXT” or “PARA3.TXT”, etc. Finally on line 4, you tell PHP to INCLUDE this into the web page display at this location. And the fifth line ends the PHP code. Presto! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

You can do the same thing with graphics, and you can do this multiple times, as many as you want, in a single page. If you have 20 versions of your graphic or paragraph, then you would generate a random number between 1 and 20 instead of just 1 through 6 as in this example. Don’t forget the required semi-colons after each PHP statement!

Go ahead, try it out, play with it, experiment with it and see how you can use this to your advantage. It won’t cost you a cent outside of some sweat equity and you will have learned something along the way!


I hope these newsletters are helpful to you, giving you ideas, generating some brain juice, or perhaps just providing a necessary kick in the pants. Maybe you are already more than happy with your level of income and getting more just means more headaches for you with your tax return and the IRS, in which case I salute and envy you. I know that I have not gotten a lead from many of you in more than a year, and also know that a few dozen of you will not even receive this since your email bounces every time I send an email.

There is a saying that I learned at the airport when I go out flying that says: “Never let your airplane get somewhere that your brain didn’t get to about 5 minutes earlier“. The words of wisdom there are that your brain needs to be at least 5 minutes ahead of the plane, and you need to be fully aware (“situational awareness”) of where you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there, having a viable and workable plan already in place. Waiting until you actually get there to figure it out is your worst possible option because you may actually be headed in the wrong direction, or when you DO get there, you are going to have other duties to contend with that you need to be prepared for.

The same is true of your marketing efforts. You need to be every bit as aware of where you want to get to as well as how you are going to get there. “More money” is not a sufficient direction, any more than “up” is sufficient when I am flying. Simply submitting your web site to the search engines is not sufficient to get you where you presumably want to go, especially since you are then competing with a SEVEN FIGURE number of people taking that same very lax approach.

I appreciate you and your efforts and look forward to continuing to work with those of you who are as serious about this as I am, so that we can both reach our goals. I appreciate your leads and your efforts with Telarus, and you need to know that I do take leads very seriously, since without QUALITY leads, neither of us make money.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

God bless,

Jon Arnold
Telarus Senior Technical Consultant & Authorized Sales Agent
President, JA Communications Group Inc.
Office: 321-779-5238
Mobile: 321-223-5238